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“I read a lot of newspapers about the news of my resignation, In fact, I have no intention to resign Sacramento Kings Jerseys, the club also no coaching change ideas. Indeed, AC Milan wholesale jerseys, now the situation is not good, we are in the league yet to win at home, has not yet in the home goal. however, we unite and work together for the new season AC Milan. “

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The game, Manchester United once again extend the previous two games of the reversal of the play, after Steven Gerrard goal to play more one Manchester United is not rash With a glimpse of right-back Rafael and Robin van Persie’s penalty -1 reverse against old rivals Liverpool, this reversal has also become the last five League San Diego Chargers Jerseys, Manchester United 3 reversed.

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Although both clubs had been repeatedly called for calm fans, but some extreme fans still made the very unwise move, the organizers of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, Margaret – Aspinall accept the “Daily Mail “interview, said:” I hope such a thing never again occur, any disaster for the content of the chant is terrible, this is a shame.

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Liverpool even 10 playing 11 control of the game. Chervy the penalty is too severe, and do the same action, Evans was a yellow card did not eat, that fall within the Suarez restricted should be a penalty, …… rare, Neville honest, Liverpool and Manchester United game no red cards, no dispute, no godfather, it is also called the British National Derby? Godfather whether certain Manchester United?

Although the final and won the final victory at Anfield, Ferguson does not want his disciples to become complacent in the post-match interview, Ferguson said his team was just very lucky victory, Ferguson said: Liverpool complete control of the first half, we played sucks, we are very lucky not to lose the ball, the second half, we have the advantage in all aspects of the data, but we are the only team of 10 people and a kick, which makes The people are disappointed. “

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