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In the pre-match press conference, Manchester Rama said Johnny, Inter Milan only need a win to be able to break the curse since the start of the new season home victorious. Meanwhile, Manchester Rama Johnny reminded blue-black officers and men to Rome as a warning not to distract the attention. Inter new poor home record since the start of the season, yet to win at home so far.

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Based on several levels, Juve completed Er Bale, very stiff, while the Bianconeri Llorente who also did not want to continue the endless waste of time, according to Italian media say they have sights on the Ballot Lee, Llorente became crowded objects of the other teams.

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Close call in the first 81 minutes, Manchester United won a penalty at a crucial moment, but in today’s game, which took to the penalty spot for the team Bo is still a win Dutch: This five goals in each of the key on the rich Haslem is to tie the game, on a hat-trick of Southampton is reversed lore, Liverpool winning 3 minutes, Robin van Persie, Manchester United in the standings on the net seven points less michael jordan jersey.

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Indeed mlb store, after Rafael equalizer, Manchester United began to gradually get rid of passive, began to make use of the advantage of the number of the team basketball jerseys, and eventually won the lore of the penalty. The final 10 minutes, Rafael is killing the rise, the injured still insist, has been quite Welbeck replaced him until the last moment.

The Chelsea twice diving conspiracy did not succeed, Pulis still difficult to suppress his anger. In addition to the Blues players flopping Louis injury time vicious foul on Walters just booked also allow Bridgestone to heart, “It was a very frightening confrontation, I think David (Louise) should is the first to say himself lucky, he can stay on the floor very, very lucky. “

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